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Who Cut Up The Moon by Lynne Hallett

I recently bought Who Cut Up The Moon written by Lynne Hallett and illustrated by Roz Wolseley-Charles. The book was a gift for my little granddaughter who is only two years old, it looked like it might be a little advanced for her but it was cute and I thought she would grow into it.

The Blurb

Little Mouse and his friends notice that there is a piece of the moon missing. Where has it gone? Will they be able to find it? And, if not, will they be able to mend the moon and make it whole again? Find out what happens in this prize-winning story by Lynne Hallett.

The Review

This story is so beautifully crafted and the illustrations so enchanting that when her aunt was baby-sitting the little one could explain the story within a week and pre-empted the story as it went along. I have no idea how many times her poor parents had had to read Who Cut Up The Moon to her during that week, but I do know that it is a great favourite and I would highly recommend it for those with young children in the family.

The Author

Lynne Hallett leads an interesting life. She is an English teacher at a prestigious public school in the Midlands by day and an author by night – and in the holidays, of course. She has had several short stories for women published by The People’s Friend but also loves writing for children, especially picture books. She has a particular love of rhyme, although it is her classic picture book prose story Who Cut Up the Moon? which won her second prize in the Academy of Children’s Writers Competition 2012.

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