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Routes to Getting Published - Independent Publishers

This is my third article discussing different routs to getting your book published and I am going to deal with independent publishing firms. There are many of these and each has its own individual rules and expectations, but some generalities are common to them all.

With every route to getting your book published, there are advantages and disadvantages. This week, let's have a look at Independent Publishers.


Ø Move faster and are more responsive than traditional publishers. The time from acceptance of your manuscript to publication of your book will be shorter than with traditional publishers.

Ø They are more flexible in accommodating highly productive authors who write more than onee book a year.

Ø Effective at harnessing the benefits of social media. This includes bloggers, Facebook groups, Instagram, podcasts, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ø Build loyalty to the publisher among readers as well as individual authors.

Ø Focus primarily on the e-book market, paying high royalties to authors.

Ø Devote equivalent time and resources to all books they publish.


Ø Not having the large resources nor as good media contacts as traditional publishers.

Ø Do not focus on getting books into traditional bookshops.

Ø Quality of editing, production and cover design may be lower than traditional publishers.

Ø Independent publishers do not offer an advance payment to their authors.

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