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Review of Hunter's Blood by Deborah Miles

I am delighted to be able to share the review of Hunter's Blood by Deborah Miles. It is always a joy when a reader truly appreciates a novel I have written. You can read the review on her blog Against the Flow Press or below.

Hunter's Blood is the fourth book in The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries series, but the first I've read. Whilst it can be read as a standalone novel, I rather wish I'd started at the beginning of the series and got to know the main characters better.

The story is told mainly in the third person, although Linda's story is told from her perspective in the first person. I was a little confused by this as Linda is a secondary character who can tell the reader nothing about the main events in this story.

There are lots of threads to follow: a van overturns and the occupants are trapped inside; a traveller child goes missing; three elderly women are murdered; a drug baron has lost some of his product.

There are also a lot of characters to get to know. Some are upstanding, law-abiding citizens while others are less so; and some are the worst kind of hardened criminal. But DI Wilson and his team stand ready to solve crimes, support the victims and put the offenders where they belong - behind bars.

Hunter's Blood is a well-thoughtout and executed police procedural, which kept me thoroughly entertained following the twists and turns of the plot and getting to know the main characters.

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