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How to Write a Synopsis

Let me start by assuring you that you nobody finds writing a synopsis easy. After all, if your story could be told in one thousand words, why would you write an 80,000 novel? So, the synopsis is not a simple shortened version of your story.

It is more an overview of the novel and should be written in the present tense, even if your novel is not. This allows you to create a fair and professional piece. This will ensure the synopsis is a lively overview of the book.

One or two pages should allow you to cover all the information needed in your synopsis. But remember, it should also be easy to read and follow. Writing a synopsis is also a good way to see if your plot works properly. Basically, if you cannot properly summarise the important parts of your plot in a page or two, then there is probably something that doesn't work properly.

The important points to remember are:

State the Title of Your Novel

Include the Genre

Use an Excellent Elevator Pitch or an Apt Quote

Include Your Name Character's Name

Set the Scene of Where and When the Novel is Set

You Must Include the End of the Story, Even if it Spoils any Surprise

Convey the Tone as Well as the Story of the Novel

Be Succinct and Make the Synopsis Easy to Read

In summary, tell the story rather than itemising the themes but make sure you explain what drives your novel. And make sure your synopsis is as easy to read and as gripping as your book.

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