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From Self-Published to Published Author by Madalyn Morgan

I am delighted to welcome my friend and fellow author, Madalyn Morgan to the blog today to discuss her journey from self-publishing to being a published author. Thank you so much for your time today, Madalyn and for being willing to share your writing journey here.

Thank you so much for inviting me to talk about my journey from self-published to published author, Val.

My self-publishing journey began in the summer of 2012 when I went on a writing holiday to Caerleon. I met some experienced writers; some were traditionally published, others were self-published. That week, I learned about creative writing and was more confident in myself and my writing. After attending a talk on self-publishing, I decided to self-publish my first novel, Foxden Acres.

The first four novels in the Sisters of Wartime England Series are set in World War 2. My mother inspired me with stories about her life in the war. I did a lot of research. I loved reading about real people in real situations. That my characters are believable is important to me. Maybe it’s because I was a method actor that readers comment on my believable characters.

Publishing my novels wasn’t enough. I wanted them to be as well written and produced as books on the shelves of Waterstones – and they were. I was lucky to find a professional editor and proofreader who liked my work, a graphic designer who let me design my covers before making them professional, and a formatter who checked my work before uploading my manuscripts to Kindle and paperback.

Around this time last year, a good friend and author told me that Storm Publishing was looking to build a new client base. She had suggested publishers to me before but, for whatever reason, I hadn't submitted to them.

Storm sounded different. I liked what my friend said about the company, and I liked what I read, so I emailed my first novel to Storm Publishing in a Word document. I couldn't believe my luck when Kathryn Taussig emailed back and asked me if I had written any other books in the series, and if I had, would I send them to her?

Signing with Storm happened quickly. I sent the manuscript of my first novel, Foxden Acres, in November 2022. I signed my contract in December and was launched as an author with Storm Publishing in January 2023. I was over the moon. Signing with Storm was the best Christmas present I have ever had. It was also the biggest secret I have ever had to keep.

An advantage of being published by Storm is that, because it’s a new publisher, it’s eager for its authors to succeed. Also, Oliver Rhodes and Kathryn Taussig have a huge amount of experience in the publishing industry, as do the editors, proofreaders, designers, graphic artists and publicity. I am extremely lucky to have Kathryn as my publisher. I have the final say in everything that happens, whether it is the book blurb or the book cover. Kathryn and Naomi are always available. They are very supportive. They understand me and I trust them.

My journey from self-published to published author has been a rollercoaster ride. Four months ago, Foxden Acres, book 1 in the Sisters of Wartime England, was published by Storm Publishing. This month, Justice was published. Justice, book 10, is the last in the Sisters of Wartime England series. But, watch this space, as you have not heard the last of the Dudley sisters.

Gripping, epic and heartbreaking historical fiction, about one woman’s survival against all odds during the unbearable hardships of World War Two. 1939, England. Bess Dudley knows what it means to lose what you love. As daughter of a groom at historic Foxden Hall, she’s pushed herself to escape her humble background and train as a teacher. As Bess arrives in London to take up her first post, the shadow of war sweeps over England. Bombs rip through the city, and screeching air raids become a part of everyday life. London schools close, taking Bess’s dreams with them.

In the final instalment of this gripping series, past meets present and dark secrets lurk beneath the façade of justice… After a brutal break-in at Dudley Green Associates, Ena Dudley and her trusted colleague Artie Mallory are plunged into a dangerous investigation that intertwines wartime secrets, betrayal and treason.

When a client approaches the agency, saying he’s received a series of anonymous letters, Ena is intrigued. Digging deeper, she finds a haunting photograph of a child taken during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, in a Germany gripped by the Nazis' brutal reign. The letters lead to a man believed to have been murdered undercover, and his widow who offers more questions than answers.

The Author

Madalyn was brought up in a small market town called, Lutterworth, where she has returned to live after thirty-six years in London. She had a hairdressing salon and wig hire business before going to Drama College. Madalyn was an actress for thirty years, performing on television, in the West End and in Repertory Theatre. She has been a radio journalist and is now a classic rock radio presenter. She has written articles for music magazines, women’s magazines and newspapers. She now writes poems, short stories and novels. She has written ten novels – a wartime saga and a post war series. She is currently putting together a collection of short stories and poetry and writing a novel for Christmas 2024. Madalyn is a Member of: The Society of Authors, RNA & Equity.

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3 commentaires

A great blog, Madalyn. Congratulations on your success. It couldn't happen to a more well-deserved writer. Thanks for sharing this, Val.

Madalyn Morgan
Madalyn Morgan
28 oct. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you, Tricia. So kind of you to say that. xx


Madalyn Morgan
Madalyn Morgan
25 oct. 2023

Thank you so much, Val, for inviting me to talk about my journey from Self-published to published author on your fabulous blog. I feel very lucky to be a writer and have enjoyed every hard working, and exciting minute of the journey. xx

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