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Creativity Matters by Wendy H. Jones, Allison Symes and others

I am pleased to have been invited to take part in the tour for the new non-fiction writing book by a variety of authors led by Wendy H. Jones and published by Scott and Lawson. The tour has been put togther by Lynsey Adams of Reading Between the Lines. You can cathch the whole tour here.

The Blurb

Have you always thought about writing a book but don't know where to start? Are you an experienced author and want to spread your wings? Are you looking for inspiration for every step in your writing journey? This is a book for everyone who wants to write, whether history or contemporary, science fiction or humour, local fiction or set in a made-up world, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, there’s something here for you. Join thirteen authors as they share their passion for why you should write in their genre and find your own passion as you read.

It's time for you to spread your wings, follow your dreams and find your passion for writing.


Whether you are thinking of becoming a writer, are new to the writing journey or are an experienced writer this book is for you. I would like to start by asking two questions? Why do I think creativity matters and why should you read a book about it? Before answering these let’s be honest and say this book deals with creative passion for writing as the subtitle suggests. Although, as will become clear throughout the book, other creative endeavours also feed into the writing process. Writing can, and indeed should, involve all our senses and utilise both sides of our brain. But, for the purposes of clarity, let’s focus on writing.

Creative writing – I will be bold here and say all writing involves some degree of creativity – performs essential functions in our lives. It helps us develop our communication and thinking skills as we look at how words work and how they can be manipulated to enhance, clarify or change meaning. Learning new words and working out how they can be used is something which comes naturally, and we are programmed to do so. Think of a child’s joy as they learn a new word and use it correctly; the writer feels similar joy when using words to create their manuscript. Writing also allows us to express who we are and demonstrate our individuality. We are all unique and this uniqueness will come through in the writing process, demonstrated by the different stories which are written within a group given the same writing prompt. No two will be the same and even if there are similar themes, the way they are written, and the twists used will be unique. Creative writing also allows us to bring joy to others who read our works. Consider this:

‘I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.’ Orhan Pamuk

Although this is from a novel, I think Panuk has, in this line, encapsulated why most writers write. What you write can change people’s lives. There is no greater feeling than when readers say they enjoy your books and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Knowing that you are somehow making someone’s life better is both an honour and a privilege.

So, why should you read this book? I believe it will open you up to new ideas and new ways of thinking. If a new writer, it will introduce you to the possibilities that lie before you and the exciting journey you are facing. If an established writer, it will introduce you to new possibilities and may lead to exhilarating new paths for you to explore. Welcome to a whole new world of creativity and I am sure you will enjoy taking the journey through the chapters with the authors as your guides as they share their passion for writing.

The Compiler

International Award Winning Author Wendy H. Jones lives in Scotland, and her police procedural series featuring DI Shona McKenzie are set.Wendy has led a varied and adventurous life. Her love for adventure led to her joining the Royal Navy to undertake nurse training. After six years in the Navy she joined the Army where she served as an Officer for a further 17 years.

Killer's Countdown was her first novel and the first book in the Shona McKenzie Mysteries. Killer's Crew won the Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017. The seventh book in the series. Killer's Curse will be released early august 2020. The Dagger's Curse, the first book in The Fergus and Flora Mysteries, was a finalist in the Woman Alive Magazine Readers Choice Award Book of the Year. Turning to humorous crime the Cass Claymore Investigates series was born.

She is also a highly successful marketer and is currently in the process of rereleasing her completely updated marketing book Marketing Matters. This will be part of the Writing Matters Series following the release of Motivation Matters. She is also the author of the Bertie the Buffalo picture book and associated soft toy and colouring book.

Wendy is delighted to be one of the authors in two anthologies aimed at empowering women - The Power of Why, and Women Win Against All Odds. She is proud to be the President of the Scottish Association of Writers and is the host of The Writing and Marketing Show podcast, a writing and marketing coach. and CEO of Writing Matters online writing school, Authorpreneur Accelerator Academy.

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