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A Gentle Nudge by Mason Bushell

For a long time, short stories seemed to be out of fashion. Occasionally,well-known writers like Ian Rankin, Agatha Christie and Jeffrey Archer would produce a short story collection and anthologies of short stories were produced but the market for these, histprically, was small.

Recently, however, probably because many people have less time to read than they would like, or choose to read during a journey to work or thorught their luch breaks, shorter fiction has come back into its own. Publication of flash fiction and short stories is again coming to the fore. Thank goodness!

I recently bought the new short sotry collection by Mason Bushell entitled A Gentle Nudge. I had not read any of his short stories before, but had read one of his novels and very much enjoyed it, so this was not too much of a stretch for me.

The Blurb

Stories to soothe your soul.

In a world drowning in negativity and dark events, we all need a little light and hope. With a little adventure, romance and even music, these short stories will give your hopes and dreams a nudge as they draw a smile.

A Gentle Nudge by Mason Bushell wraps you in calm.

The Review

This delightful collection of thirty four short stories is a joy. The tales are filled with hope and happiness. Even the story about a scalliwag thief, Honestly Deceiving, shows, a genrous side to the main character. It made me smile.

I also particularly enjoyed Interview Intervention, which had a nice twist at the end. I won't spoil that for you by giving it away. The Recovery Man, is another uplifting story that made me smile.

It is almost wrong of me to pull out a few stories I enjoyed, because there is not one that I didn't like. This is a book of varied short stories by a talented author. I highly recommend it and hope there will be many more stories to come.

A Gentle Nudge was published by Bridgehouse Publishers on the 18/04/2023.

The Author

Author Mason Bushell, is a naturalist, chef and writer from Norfolk in the UK. He loves nothing more than to write among the trees, near his home. He is an avid short story writer and is always working with his characters unless Lucy Dog steals his laptop for a walkies!

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Mason Bushell
Mason Bushell
28 ago 2023

Good morning, Val Thank you for this wonderful review and blog tour post on your website. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me and I'm so happy that you enjoyed A Gentle Nudge.

Me gusta
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