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A Brother's Tragedy by Jenna Morrison

I was thrilled when bestselling American author Jenna Morrison sent me an early copy of her second novel, A Brother's Tragedy, in exchange for an honest review. I warned her my reviews are always honest. However, like all talented authors, she had nothing to fear.

The Blurb

It's been six years since the Caydens had a major death in the family. Family disputes arise more than ever. William Cayden tries to juggle between his failing farming business and his personal life. His brother, Thomas Cayden, is now in serious trouble with a local gang, putting the entire family at risk, especially Emmy Cayden, their kidnapped sister.

Will notices Emmy’s disappearance and things spiral into chaos. Dark secrets and devastation emerge, which will alter their lives forever.

Who will survive the last showdown?

The Review

I had not read the first book about the Cayden family, A Brother's Truth, by this author, nor do I consider Westerns one of my go to genres. However, when Jenna Morrison offered me the opportunity to read an early copy of A Brother's Tragedy, and assured me that the story worked as a stand-alone, I jumped at the chance.

This story is set in the nineteenth century, but six years after the earlier book, A Brother's Truth. Nevertheless there is a fun juxtaposition between the setting and the humour and language used in the novel, which makes the story so different and carries it right along.


The characters are vividly drawn and they tell their story in a gripping and exciting way. Will is doing his best to make a living on a failing farm while his brother Thomas is firmly in the sites of a local gang. Still, they must work hard to try to rescue their sister, Emmy when she is kidnapped.

Interestingly, this is the first book I have ever read that had two epilogues. I do not like to give away any spoilers but, suffice to say, the second one neatly conclude Madison's story. I suspect this could have been done more neatly, but the device used does satisfy the readers' curiosity.

A Brother's Tragedy is exciting and the author has certainly found her own voice. The story takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster which I enjoyed and have no doubt other readers will thoroughly enjoy it too.

The Author

Jenna Morrison is an International Bestselling Author, particularly a writer of dark fiction.

Published Works:

• “A Brother’s Truth” (2022)

• “Devil’s Town” (2022)

• "A Brother's Tragedy" (2023)

When she is not writing, she is either playing with her puppy, drinking chai tea, or watching spooky movies.

To stay up to date with any new dark tales, you may follow her on her social media platforms.


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