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The Time Detective – Discovery by Mark Carnelley

I had had this book on my radar for some time, the title was so intriguing, so I shuffled my ‘to be read’ pile and The Time Detective Discovery by Mark Carnelley came to the top. I am glad it did.

The Blurb

Marshall Bellows is a present day crime fighter and Allan Besley his alter ego in 1956 (after the discovery of a wormhole during the chase of a sick, perverted serial killer). Can Marshall/Allan survive this double life in two times, two seemingly different worlds and two loves or will one the worlds pull him in deeper, where he finds it harder and harder to leave? This first book, Discovery, begins the fight for Marshall in both worlds. A man with strong convictions with no qualms about “getting his hands dirty” if that is what’s required. Is he judge, jury and executioner? Strange and desperate times require certain measures and Marshall is the man for the job, in both times.

The Review

The Time DetectiveDiscovery has a gruesome and explosive start however, I’m glad I persevered. This is an gripping time shift story that deserves more recognition than it has had to date.

The story is set in England and main protagonist, Marshall Bellows is a most attractive character. The reader learns not only about him but also about the relationship he has for his dog and with his neighbours as well as his love story. He sets about leading the investigation into the crimes of a serial killer who has discovered a worm hole in time and space that he uses to his advantage.

Marshall stumbles across the worm hole too and devises a way that he can pursue the killer in the present day and 1956. It is a cleverly conceived plot that leads to a satisfying conclusion.

I really enjoyed The Time DetectiveDiscovery and am think that it is a fine crossover novel.

The Author

My name is Mark Carnelley. I am a 58yo 1st (soon to be 2nd) time author. I have been married for nearly 35 years and have 5 children (4 boys & 1 girl) and 1 granddaughter. My 1st published book is “The Time Detective- Discovery”. The story of Marshall Bellows, a Police Officer here in the present who, during the chase for a sick, serial killer, discovers a wormhole that allows him to travel back into 1956, where he takes on the persona of Allan Besley. He is a crime fighter in two times, two different worlds. Book #2 is currently being written and will be titled “Between Two World” and is the continuing saga of Marshall/Allan and their fight across he times and the internal conflict he is facing regarding which time and world to live in.

My second book, “The Omega Chronicles” will be released on 31/1/18 and is the story of one mans struggle after he miraculously survives a situation that kills on life on earth.

Val Penny

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