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The Omega Chronicles by Mark Carnelly

I had read The Time Detective by author Mark Carnelly previously and enjoyed it so much that I bought a second copy for my nephew, so when I learned he had written The Omega Chronicles, I was keen to read that too.

The Blurb

A giant cosmic dust cloud is first noticed in 1962, its discovery kept a secret so as not to cause worldwide panic, finally hits the Earth fifty-five years later with catastrophic devastation that wipes life from the face of the planet.

One man, Colton Lee Steele, miraculously survives whilst stationed in Antarctica and thus starts his struggle to at first comprehend the enormity of his predicament and then plans and travels to the Northwest Territories to finally find a place he can call home.

It is a harsh environment he finds himself in but through perseverance and true grit, he discovers an inner strength that will guide him through his final years, and along the way discover that life will always find a way.

The Review

The Omega Chronicles begins slowly. Colton Lee Steele awakes from the care he was getting in a hospital only to find the world as he knew it has been destroyed and he must rely on his own knowledge and endeavours to survive.

The book is written in the first person and the author leads the reader around the environment that his hero must endure. There are heart rending scenes when he visits the home he grew up in and finds his familys' remains. And there are life affirming points when Colton builds himself a home and sustains himself.

After Colton's death, the author shares a heart wrenching truth with the reader. But I won't spoil it for you. Read the whole novel, The Omega Chronicles, don't forget the Epilogue.

The Author

The Time Detective - Discovery has been out now since 30/11/17.This is Book#1 in the series. Book#2 is currently being written and is titled The Time Detective - Between Two Worlds.

I have another book, The Omega Chronicles which is due for release 31/1/18. This is a stand-alone book and was actually the 1st book I wrote.

Anyone who enjoys a good adventure/thriller with a touch of sci-fi then you should get on board and buy these books.

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