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Routes to Getting Published - Self Publishing

This is my fourth article discussing different routs to getting your book published and I am going to deal with self publishing. This route to publication requires the most self-discipline from the author and requires them to master many skills other than writing, but it does avoid the gate-keepers of other publishing methods.

Each route to get your book published has advantages and disadvantages. The one that will require most input from you as an author is to publish your own books.


Ø No entry barriers such as agents or publishers.

Ø Costs are low and free support is available from distributors including Amazon.

Ø The author has control over each process. This includes cover design, marketing, and pricing.

Ø The author receives all the royalties other than any production and distribution costs. It is easy to track your sales and income.


Ø The author incurs all editing, production, and design costs. These are under the author’s control and can be low, but they are payable up front.

Ø The novel will be one of many thousands published and so it is your responsibility to promote. it

Ø Successful self-publishing requires your writing to be approached like a business and you will spend as much time marketing and promoting your boo k as writing the next one.

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