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Praise for Hunter's Secret

Hunter's Secret is the fifth novel in my Edinburgh Crime Mysteries series published by darkstroke. Each book can be read as a stand alone novel, or as part of the series.

In this story, the main protagonist, Detective Inspector Hunter Wilson, is called to the scene of a murder. DCs Tim Myerscough and Bear Zewedu found a corpse, but when Hunter arrives it has disappeared, and all is not as it seems.

Hunter recalls the disappearance of a dead body thirty years earlier. The Major Incident Team is called in but sees no connection – it is too long ago. Hunter is determined to investigate the past and the present with the benefit of modern DNA testing.

Tim has other problems in his life. His father, Sir Peter Myerscough, is released from jail. He, too, remembers the earlier murder. There is no love lost between Hunter and Sir Peter but Hunter will have to accept help from his nemesis to catch this killer.

Hunter’s own secret is exciting and crucial to his future. It could change his life and despite its importance, he must keep Edinburgh safe.

I am thrilled that Hunter's Secret has been so well received.

Retired DCI Stuart Gibbon, bestselling author of Being a Detective

Hunter's Secret sees traumatic events from his past return to haunt DI Wilson. Another gripping episode in the Edinburgh crime series.

Simon Hall Cambridge University Lecturer and bestselling author of The TV Detective series

As ever, Val Penny grips us from the first line. Hunter’s Secret dives right into the story, which is both intriguing and unsettling, and brings back the familiar characters which make us smile and frown, groan and cheer.

In short, real people, rising from the page to live real lives, in a story full of adrenaline, thrills, and surprises. Another great book from a great writer. Highly recommended.

Katherine Johnson bestselling author of The Suspects

"A bold, gripping and thought-provoking rollercoaster that delves deep into Hunter's psyche."

Erin Kelly bestselling author of He Said/She Said

Val Penny is a rising star in the crime fiction genre. In this story of secrets and lies, the author delivers another gripping book in her Edinburgh Crime Mystery series.

Michael Jecks bestselling author of The Knights Templar Mysteries

Really enjoyable romp through the seedier byways of Edinburgh, with a strong cast of police and villains. Two murders thirty years apart: a story of bigotry, deceit and intolerance, with the all-too-believable persecution of a defenceless group. A great summer read!

Val Penny

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