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Fruit Cake and Familiars by Sierra Cross

I am pleased to have been invited to help promote the new book by Sierra Cross. I hope you agree with me that it sounds like a really good read.

The Blurb

Granny Sage needs a winter miracle. Could Elliot’s secret save her...or will it kill his romance with Hazel?


Deputy Elliot James is a walking—and flying—contradiction.A loner crow.An outlaw cop.A shifter who shows up to parties on time and dressed appropriately, more or less.Hazel’s struggling to come to terms with Elliot’s complex double life.

She’s got trust issues and who could blame her, after a magical upbringing more screwed up than Cinderella’s? But now Hazel’s mentor lies helpless in a magical coma, and only one man can help.With her basic witch relatives scheming to sell off Gran’s cozy cottage, Hazel doesn’t have the luxury of hugging her comfort zone.

Her only hope is to join Elliot on a dangerous, forest trek to find Gran’s cure.The question is, can their quest withstand an onslaught of chaotic forces -- from a freak snowstorm, to Elliot’s fae ex, to the town’s sudden and disturbing epidemic of vanishing familiars?


Will Hazel A) end up with Elliot, B) become a cat lady, or C) both? Read on for the answers.

If you like snarky witches, cozy mysteries, and slow-burn paranormal romance, escape to the sea-swept village of Blue Moon Bay.

The Author

Sierra Cross’s Blue Moon Bay Witches series is a sweet magical elixir that’s been compared to hot chocolate. Delightfully cozy, craveworthy, and comforting.

When she’s not spinning mysterious stories, you can find her flying after her 5-year-old witchling or drinking coffee in bed with a book and her cat familiar.


You can keep up with her on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and Bookbub. For the inside scoop, join her newsletter list -- you’ll also get a FREE audiobook!

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