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Downstream by Maressa Mortimer

I am delighted to be part of the tour for the new novel, Downstream, the third book in her series the Elabi Chronicles by Maressa Mortimer. Many thanks to Lynsey Adams of Reading Between the Lines for including me in this event and to the author for providing this gripping extract.

The Blurb

Radio signals have been picked up that might reveal the location of Downstream. Macia longs to find her mother there and tries to persuade her friends Gax and Cecilia to join her in the search. But is it a dangerous mistake or a mission from God? Many difficulties await them and they will need to trust God as they encounter darkness and danger, reaching out with the Light.

The Extract

Chapter One Part 2

Macia laughs, “Last time it was great. I needed to spend an hour

extra in the gym every day to make up for it,” she smiles at Caecilia, then looks out of the window, watching the houses fly past. The car drive still amazes her, even after being in Mataiox for months. She swallows as she looks at Gax. “It’s been great living in Mataiox, so different from what I expected. It means a lot to have you and your parents supporting us. I hope I didn’t upset anyone.”

“Maybe we need to speak to Linu first,” Caecilia says, not looking at the two others. “It’s better to know more about it, as it feels too... too emotional. I still don’t understand exactly what she meant with radio chatter and why she feels it’s to do with Elabi.”

Gax doesn’t say much until they arrive at the terraced house where Macia and Caecilia have a room each, sharing the house with two other girls. “I will ask Linu if she knows more and maybe we can see her? I don’t know if there is anything that you can do about it. I thought it was more to let you know...” His voice trails off as he realises he doesn’t know what his thoughts had been. Should he have kept Linu’s information to himself? His mother will be asking a lot of questions once he gets back. He sighs, but grins at the girls. “I will let you know as soon as I can,” and he gives a cheery wave from his car as he pulls away from the curb, then releases a noisy breath.

“Why would you even think about it? Looking back at where you came from? Who would want to go back to that?” Sonja rolls her eyes and shares a laugh with Greta, the other girl. Then she sobers up again,

“Look, you’ve both changed a lot since we met you and you moved into the house. You’re still, well, not like others, but that’s probably to do with the Book you’re reading a lot. But look at the difference to where you came from, you know,” she waves her hand, the glitter on her fingernails catching the sunshine, “that place along the river, wasn’t it? From what you mentioned, it wasn’t great and they didn’t particularly want you there either.” Sonja and Greta laugh again. Macia swallows, “We left Elabi, but we still have family there,” she hopes, “and this friend says she heard voices on the radio. I think it was to do with different wavelengths?” Greta nods but Sonja shrugs, and Macia continues, “Nothing might come of it, but that’s what Caecilia and I were talking about.”

Sonja smiles as Caecilia changes the subject by complimenting her bright coloured nails.

“I love these. And it’s why I get Greta or you girls to clean the kitchen,” Sonja laughs, and Caecilia chuckles, as it’s true. “As we’re handing out compliments, I like your shoes,” she points at Caecilia’s new shoes. “I don’t think they’ll be good for long walks, so don’t go back to wherever it was along the river,” and she laughs with Greta, before waving at the girls, “I better go. We’re off to watch something with friends.”

The house feels silent as the two girls leave and Macia releases her breath. “They’re friendly,” she says, making it sound like a question, “but they never ask us to do something with them and they’re always commenting on our past.” She glances towards the kitchen, clean,

thanks to Caecilia’s effort earlier.

Caecilia nods. “Greta is quieter, but I like Sonja more.” She looks

at her shoes and smiles a little. “Glad she actually liked my shoes. It must be the first time ever she has liked anything we were wearing.” Sadly, Gax hasn’t noticed the new shoes.

The Author

Maressa grew up in the Netherlands, and moved to England soon after finishing teaching training college. Married to Pastor Richard Mortimer they live in a Cotswold village with their four children. She is a homeschool mum, enjoying the time spent with family, travelling, reading and turning life into stories, she wants to use her stories to show practical Christians living in a fallen world.

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