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An Interview with Georgina Bartlett

Firstly, thank you very much for agreeing to an Author Interview with me. Georgina. I am delighted to have a chance to talk to an author so soon after publication of their first novel.

Please would you tell my readers a little about yourself?

Hi, my name is Georgie J I’m 29 years old and live with my husband Colin in the UK, Newbury. I am an avid reader – of course, I am obsessed with sushi, coffee and baking. And though it is contrary to popular opinion I love thunder storms, walking in the rain and truly believe cats are better than dogs.

What inspired you to become an author?

I never actually thought I would be an author, when I was younger I had the ambition to be an actress and actually performed at the Bath National Youth Theatre, but as time went on I realized that my passions had been in my life all along. When I was in secondary school I started writing poems and short stories a lot, and my English Literature Mrs. Reardon approached me about putting a piece into a short story competition. I did not win the competition but the whole process of planning out the story really excited me – that I could make up my own characters, worlds and hero’s. This was one of the first instances where I had the thought – I want to write my own book and become an author.

What is the best thing about being an author?

The best thing to me about being an author is having infinite realities and stories that can live not only in my mind but in the mind of others through my writing. I also adore the thought of someone reading my work and seeing the story come to life in their own mind, because we all see things differently.

What is your writing routine like?

I am such a night owl! I have tried to write many times during the day but always seem to fail, but as soon as the moon comes out my brain starts to work and stories start to flow. I am also a huge pantser, I rarely do much planning for my writing, the most planning I will do is write down scene aspects I want to address, just before I am about to start writing. But I don’t like planning my work; I like to be spontaneous with itJ.

How much time do you spend on research?

I would say the only part of my writing process that is planned is the research, I love research and knowing exactly how certain things work. I would say I could spend at least a month doing research on a project before I am fully comfortable writing about it.

How much of the book is planned out before you start writing it?

Before I start writing a new story, the only details I will have planned out is what the concept is and how many characters I have. I like to have a fresh page in front of me and let the story come to me on its own – I’m a bit strangeJ. I find that I do a bit more planning of the story in holes that are there after the whole story is written to make sure that it all hopefully makes sense.

What do you think is most important when writing a book?

I think the most important part of writing a book is having a character in your mind, it doesn’t have to be the main character, but just a character that ties you into the story and you can see them clearly in your mind, so much so they are almost like a friend.

What is your book about?

Eight is a book that came from my heart; I am so obsessed with nature, magic and all things mystery.

These things were not born, they were bred. They don’t eat, don’t sleep, and never tire.

The land of Tincture is nature as far as the eye can see, but in the middle sits a palace made purely of stained glass.

When their sister, Harmony, is murdered, three remaining siblings Forrest, Mort, and Amour notice that their colour is starting to fade. The people of Tincture are born with an eye colour that corresponds to an ability. Those with green eyes can control the growth of nature, or those with silver eyes can bend and shape metal without the use of tools.

But the siblings are even more unique, their powers reaching farther and wider than any other Tincturian. And King Tinc wants to control that power.

Private investigator, Justine Brick, always knows her next move and never takes on more than she can handle. When she is approached with a new case to find a missing girl, she confidently takes it on, unafraid to ask the hard questions or open the guarded doors. But fear has a way of taking new forms and uncovering our deepest doubts…

Is Justine prepared to look behind a door she has never encountered before?

As Forrest, Mort and Amour begin to investigate; they find themselves thrust into a new and terrifying reality, putting not only themselves but those they love in danger.

Will they meet the same fate as their sister? Or find the answers they need in another realm?

What inspired it?

The story for Eight was inspired by my love of trees, trees are so fascinating to me because there as so many different types and they are all so individual and can sometimes have amazing back stories for how they were planted. I definitely wrote the book around the trees that are in the story.

I also got a lot of inspiration for my characters from a game called Red Rising from Jamey Stegmeir. If you have seen the game, it has a really beautiful cover that really inspired me and I have my Husband Colin to thank for that, he is a huge fan of Jamey’s and of board gamesJ.

Any new books or plans for the future?

Eight is the first book in its series, so there will definitely be more to come and I can’t wait to share them with the worldJ.

What genres do you read most often?

I read Fantasy the most; I am completely in love with worlds that are full of magic and epic adventure. Being able to step away from the real world for a few hours is just amazing. Sometimes we all need some escape.

Is there anything else you would like my readers to know?

I would love to say to all my readers, thank you so much for all your incredible support. The last few months have been amazing and I am truly blown away by how many people have shown me love and support. You are all making my dreams come true – thank you!

And thank you for your time today, Georgina. Good luck with the new book.

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