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An Extract from Hunter's Rules

Let me share another little glimpse into my new novel, Hunter's Rules. The novel forms book #6 in The Edinburgh Crime Mystery series.

Bloody hell, that was close. I hadn’t expected her to be found so soon. That’s bad luck. I thought she’d have time to bleed out and die like the others. It was hard to watch them, but so much better going forward. A rookie error that this one lived but what are the odds that a damn policeman would be dining at the same time as us? We must be paying them far too much. I’ll have to work for a week to put that money back into my savings.

I must say, her eyes are even more beautiful than the others. They are the same peculiar violet colour that Elizabeth Taylor’s were. Not that I ever met Elizabeth Taylor. I don’t mix in those circles in America, but I’ve seen pictures.

I’m pleased that I brought my jar filled with solution with me. I won’t have time even to go into my room, let alone fondling myself in front of her eyes before I pass them on. Wow, what a coming would have been! I’ll have to imagine those eyes now.

Fuck, I’m so angry. Who would have believed my luck that the first man on the scene would be police? This is too bad.

It’s a good thing I sussed the place out before I met her. I’ll go down the stairs and out through the public bar. In fact. I’ll stop for a drink there, then I’ll get a bus, not a taxi. Fast enough but harder to trace. I need to get them to him quickly, but I must remember to keep my head down.

Val Penny

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2 comentários

Lesley Field
Lesley Field
01 de dez. de 2021

OMG Val, that extract is scary. Wish I didn't have to go out tonight in the dark!!!😳

Val Penny
Val Penny
02 de dez. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thanks Lesley. I hope you enjoy the book!

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