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More Helpful Writing Tips for Fiction Writers

Great fiction writing takes dedication and hard work, but there are methods to make the whole process easier. It is always worth the time to think about some useful tips.

1. Use the active voice. Your goal as an author is to write a page-turner. That is a book which keeps readers engaged from start to finish. To do this use the active voice in your stories. The passive voice is not always a bad thing but try to limit it in fiction writing.

2. Take breaks when you need them. Writer's block can happen to any writer. Step away from your desk and get some exercise or do something different. This will get your blood flowing and when you are in a different environment, that in itself can generate new ideas. You can write again later in the day or even the next.

3. Kill your darlings. One piece of advice for writers that is often repeated, is to know when words, paragraphs, chapters, or even characters, are redundant within the story. You must develop the ability to edit out excess information.

4. Read other writers. Reading widely will help you find your own voice and hone your own writing skills. Read a variety of genres and writers, but also read the same genre as you write. If you are writing a thriller, then read other thrillers and mysteries. These will show you how to build tension, create plot points, and how to do the big reveal at the climax of the story.

5. Write to sell. To make a living doing what they love, fiction writers need to think like readers, editors and publishers. This requires you to approach your story with a marketing sensibility as well as a creative one. This will help your book to sell.

6. Write now, edit later. Do not be tempted to spend a lot of time editing and rewriting as they write. To avoid this, practice free writing. It is a creative writing technique that encourages writers to let their ideas flow uninterrupted. You can set aside time to edit later.

7. Get feedback. It is not possible to critique your own writing. When you have finished a piece of writing or a first draft, give it to someone else to read. Ask for honest and specific feedback. This is a good way to learn what works and what does not.

8. Think about publishing. Authors do not write for themselves. Think about who your target audience is and where you want your story to be published. If you have written a short story, think about submitting it to magazines. However, a novel might be sent to literary agents or publishing houses. Alternatively, you might consider self-publishing if you want to see your book in print quickly.

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Madalyn Morgan
Madalyn Morgan
Oct 08, 2022

I love these writing posts with tips for fiction writers, Val. They are a good reminder of what we need to do. It's too easy after having written a lot of novels to cut corners. No! It's important to keep up a standard. Respect your readers is my motto. They will soon let you know if you are not keeping up the standard.

Val Penny
Val Penny
Oct 08, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Maddie. I’m glad they’re useful.

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